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Working in a team of 4, we built hiive from scratch in two weeks as our final project of the 9-week Le Wagon bootcamp.

hiive.buzz screenshot of homepage
hiive.buzz screenshot of Peter McKinnon store

hiive allows content creators to instantly transform the referral links* they share into an online store. Creating a better shopping experience for their audience (and more revenue for them).

*Currently only Amazon referral links.

After creating an account, creators add products to their store by pasting as many referral links as they like at one. Valid URLs are matched with regex, so the inputted text can include description copy, spaces, and random symbols.

hiive.buzz referal link input field
hiive.buzz add product page displaying how you can manually enter a product

If the referral link doesn't work, the product can be inputted manually. But where's the fun in that?

A Sidekick background job visits each submitted link and scrapes relevant product information with Nokogiri. Image URLs are stored in the PostreSQL database and then uploaded to Cloudinary using Carrierwave.

forrest gump running gif as reporter asks 'why are you doing this?'
gif of mr burns from the simpsons looking devious as he says 'excellent'

This presented our first serious roadblock, as Amazon has measures in place to prevent this kind of activity. But we found a work-around by passing (legitimate-looking) headers with our HTTP GET request.

close up of hiive.buzz custom url hiive.buzz/peter

A custom hiive URL is created for each store. Now creators can share a single neat link, instead 20 ugly blue referral links cluttering up their content.

We built a hiive API to return the products currently available in a creator's store. We periodically call this API to instantly add new product cards to the store as they're added to the database.

hiive.buzz screen shot of Roman Mars' store made from referal links. Fictional, of course.
amazon screenshot of go pro camera with referal link highlighted in chrome browser URL

When a user clicks 'BUY', they're taken to the original referal link containing the creator's unique referral key, so they still earn their commission.

Using WebSockets and flash cards, creators are notified each time a product is added, deleted, or an unsupported link was submitted — in real time.

hiive.buzz screenshot of several notifications indicating new products have been added to the store
forrest gump smiling and waving wearing a singlet

Users can leave reviews, 'like' products, and rate them out of 5 bees. Yes, bees! 🐝

Users can search products and instantly see the results thanks to a detailed active record search and Javascript removing products which don't fit the criteria.

hiive.buzz screenshot of the search page displaying sneakers

Users can also browse top categories, top creators, and the top products (based on likes). This was designed to help users discover new creators and products they may otherwise never have encountered.

hiive.buzz screenshot displaying the top products
hiive.buzz screenshot of the creators page displaying all the creators on the platform

Users can browse every creators on hiive at a glance and easily visit their stores.